Subscribe for intercepting APIs

Subscribe for intercepting APIs

Multiple subscriptions with different endpoints is allowed for the same type and apiId.
Multiple subscriptions with different endpoints of type ADAPT_ENTITY is allowed for the entityName.
If a subscription already exists, it will be overridden with the new executionOrder (if provided in the request).
If an interception is created or updated to have the same executionOrder as an existing interception (including existing ones with default executionOrder),
It will be set with that executionOrder and the existing interception's executionOrder will be incremented.
If that interception's new executionOrder clashes with another the other one will be incremented as well, and so forth.

The below table describes the request parameters:

typeStringtrueSupported values are: PRE_REQUEST, POST_REQUEST, ADAPT_ENTITY
apiIdStringfalseShould only be provided if type=PRE_REQUEST or type=POST_REQUEST. Supported api ids are:
entityNameStringfalseShould only be provided if type=ADAPT_ENTITY. Supported entity names are:
endpointStringtrueA valid URI
executionOrderIntegerfalseIf not provided, the default value will be taken from the environment variable: EXECUTIONORDER_DEFAULT, Multiple subscription with the same executionOrder is allowed

This API requires HOOKS_INTERCEPTION_CREATE permission(s).

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