Update Plugin

Update Plugin

Performs full update, the values will be replaced with values that are specified in the request

Will upload the code file and publish the plugin if code is sent,
and subscribe to all requested notifications and interceptions to the endpoint.
displayName and version must be sent even if they were not changed.
Existing environment variables that arent sent will be removed.
Existing subscriptions that are not sent will be unsubscribed from.
If this API fails, it will roll back the changes it made.
If runtime is changed to a different language and a seed is already deployed, a seed of the new language will be used.
If runtime is changed to a different language and custom code is already deployed, the code will not change.
This is a "multipart/form-data" request that includes both the binary zip file and configuration
The form should include 2 parameters:

  1. "code": Non-mandatory binary zip file.
  2. "configuration": Mandatory JSON configuration of the plugin

Path Parameters:


This API requires SETTINGS_PLUGIN_UPDATE permission(s).

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