Update available locales and/or the system default locale.

Update available locales and/or the system default locale.

Locale codes are lowercase formatted and using '-' between country code and language, for example: 'en-us'.
If the availableLocales was provided it must contain the system locale en-us because it cannot be removed.
IF 'defaultLocale' was provided it must be exist in the availableLocales list.
If availableLocales is not provided the default locale must be exist before setting it as default

(*)This parameter is mandatory only if its optional parent attribute is defined. Click here for more information.

Request Body Parameters:

availableLocales[index].codestringtrue(*)Locale in the following format: {language-ISO639}-{countryCode-ISO3166} lowercase.en-us
availableLocales[index].translationFallbackTypesarrayfalseValid array values: DEFAULT_LOCALE,SYSTEM_LOCALE. Allow to control the fallback mechanism. If not provided(null) then the default behavior is the following fallback order: -> DEFAULT_LOCALE -> SYSTEM_LOCALE. The recommended value is null. When all of the fallback types return an empty value, no translation will be made, i.e. the original value will be retained
defaultLocaleCodestringfalseLocale in the following format: {language-ISO639}-{countryCode-ISO3166} lowercase.en-us

This API requires SETTINGS_UPDATE_LOCALES permission(s).

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