Create a new File

Create a new File

This API returns a list of links to upload file parts.
The number of parts requested must be between 1 and 10000. It can be changed later, so you don't have to know the file size in advance.
If a link for a part is used more than once, the data that was previously uploaded to that link will be overwritten (and the ETag should be updated in the service).
You don't have to use all of the links, but must use at least one.
Each link has an expiry time, after which it cannot be used.
To generate new links and request links for more parts use generateSignedUrlsForMultiplePartFileUpload.
File uploads are done with the links returned in from this API as PUT requests with the data as a binary stream in the body.
Each file upload to the links returned from this API will return an 'ETag' header.
This header must be sent to the bioT API saveETagsForMultiplePartFileUpload, if it is not sent, the part will be ignored when the file is combined.
The file must be split and uploaded to the links provided on the client's side.
Parts may be uploaded in any order, but must be uploaded using the correct part number and link (E.g. file=abc with 3 parts - you can upload in any order p1=a, p3=c, p2=b).
Each file part must be between 5MiB and 5GiB, the last part has no minimum size. 100MiB is recommended if possible.
Max supported file size is 5TiB.

Request Body Parameters:

partsintegertrueFor how many parts to initially generate links, not all must be used and more can be generated later100

This API requires PROTECTED_API permission(s).

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