Validate translations for locale

Validate translations for locale

This API behaves exactly the same as the update API except that this API does not make any actual changes.
The purpose of this API is to be able to validate all of the provided translation keys, before calling the
update API, and get an error information for each invalid translation key, without ending with a partial success
as happens when calling to the update API.
The file that is being uploaded should be in a csv format, as returned from the /download API.
The provided locale must be one of the available locales configured in the system via the Locale API and cannot be the system locale (en-us).
Providing only part of the translation keys is allowed.
The following headers must be exist, and only once: Translation Key,System Locale (en-us) Translation,{providedLocale} Translation.
If all of the translation records are valid, a 200 status code will be returned and the invalidTranslations field will be empty.
If one or more of the translation records are invalid, a 206 status code
will be returned with a list of the invalid translations.
The following are the cases where a translation record will be considered as invalid: [invalid translation key /
the system locale translation value does not match the current value in the system]

Path Parameters:



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