Search Patient Alert entities by filter

Search Patient Alert entities by filter

Returns list of Patient Alert, the response can be filtered, sorted and supports pagination

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Each additionalProp can filter one field, inside additionalProp there are many optional conditions that can be used for filtering that field

When multiple conditions are specified, they are bundled together using logical AND operators, this means that only the items that match all filter conditions for that field will be returned

filter items possible values: [ _id,_templateId,_templateName,,,_severity,_state,_setDateTime,_clearDateTime,_clearTrigger,,_clearNotes,_name,_creationTime,_lastModifiedTime ] and all custom attributes of all templates


Results can be sorted by multiple fields, the order of the fields in the sort request governs the hierarchy of the sort

The first field is the primary sort, the second is used when two values of the first field are the same, and so forth

sort.order default value is DESC

sort.prop possible values:[ _id,,,_severity,_state,_setDateTime,_clearDateTime,_clearTrigger,,_clearNotes,_name,_creationTime,_lastModifiedTime ]

If sort was not specified, the result will be sorted by: _creationTime DESC

Free text search

When freeTextSearch is passed, the free text search will be performed on every field except those of type Date

If used together with filters, freeTextSearch will be bundled to the filters with the logical AND operator, this means that only items that match all filters (and each filter's conditions) and the free text search will be returned


limit max number of results that will be returned for each page. If not specify, the default will be 100

page page number starting from 0. If not specify, the default will be 0

Build URL

Encode the JSON object and use the encoded string as the searchRequest parameter:


Query Parameters:

searchRequestfalseSearch request parameters: filter, sort and page

This API requires PROTECTED_API permission(s).

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