Create a new Report

Create a new Report

The following API create a new snapshot of the system's DB state (report) according to the parameters provided to the API. After the export process finishes the data will be accessible to the user by getting the report created in the system

Request Body Parameters:

queriesarrayfalseA list that containing queries (filter) on the wanted data export. Supported filters: [_lastModifiedTime, _creationTime, _templateId]. Supported sorts: [_creationTime]
queries[index].dataTypestringfalseData Type to be exported. Values:device,device-alert,usage-session,command,organization,patient,organization-user,caregiver,patient-alert,generic-entity,measurementsdevice
queries[index].filterobjectfalseEach additionalProp can filter one field, inside additionalProp there are many optional conditions that can be used for filtering that field. When multiple conditions are specified, they are bundled together using logical AND operators, this means that only the items that match all filter conditions for that field will be returned
queries[index].sortarrayfalseResults can be sorted by multiple fields, the order of the fields in the sort request governs the hierarchy of the sort.The first field is the primary sort, the second is used when two values of the first field are the same, and so forthASC
queries[index].sort[index].propstringfalseThe property name for the sort
queries[index].sort[index].orderstringfalseThe direction of sort. Default DESC Values:ASC,DESC
outputMetadata.maxFileSizeInBytesintegerfalseThe maximum size (in bytes) that each output file should not exceed500000
outputMetadata.exportFormatstringfalseThe format in which to export the report Values:JSON,CSVJSON
callbackEndpointstringfalseURL endpoint to call when export process is finished

This API requires PROTECTED_API permission(s).

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