Adding a Caregiver Template

This page will help you add a new caregiver template.



If this is the first caregiver template you are adding, you should edit the preinstalled "Clinician" template before adding a new Caregiver Template.

Follow the procedure below to add a new caregiver template.

Step 1 - Templates List

  1. Launch the BioT ConsoleBioT Console - The BioT Console is the portal you use as a device manufacturer, to configure the entire BioT PaaS to your needs..
    The console opens on the Templates list.
  1. From the Templates tab, click Add+.
  2. Select the Caregiver template type from the dropdown menu.
Add Caregiver TemplateAdd Caregiver Template

Add Caregiver Template

Step 2 - Overview Tab

  1. Add a name and optional description for the template. Use a template name that reflects the caregiver type (for example, "General Practitioner").
New Caregiver Template OverviewNew Caregiver Template Overview

New Caregiver Template Overview

  1. Click Next.

Step 3 - General Fields

The General fields page is displayed with the list of built-in attributes.
General attributes include information that users want to keep about the caregiver. For example, one of the General attributes may be a Degree attribute which would describe the educational level.

Built-In Regular FieldsBuilt-In Regular Fields

Built-In Regular Fields

Change any details in the built-in general fields as needed, or click the trash can icon to remove (or disable in case of built-in attributes) any unneeded field from the template.

The following built-in General attributes appear in all new Caregiver templates:


Attribute type: Name
The full name of the caregiver.

Name FieldName Field

Name Field


Attribute Type: Email
The caregiver's email address.

Email FieldEmail Field

Email Field


Attribute Type: Phone
The caregiver's phone number.

Phone FieldPhone Field

Phone Field


Attribute type: Single Select
The specific qualification of the caregiver. Options given by default are:

  • Medical Doctor (MD)
  • Doctor of Osteopathy (DO)
  • Physician Assistant (PA)
  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS)
  • Nurse Practitioner (NP)
  • Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
  • Medical Assistant (MA)
  • No Degree
  • Other
Degree FieldDegree Field

Degree Field


Attribute type: Paragraph
Any additional details about the caregiver can be entered in this field.

Description FieldDescription Field

Description Field

Date of Birth

Attribute Type: Date
The caregiver's date of birth.

Date of Birth FieldDate of Birth Field

Date of Birth Field


Attribute Type: Single Select
The caregiver's gender. Possible options include Male, Female and Unspecified.

Gender FieldGender Field

Gender Field


Attribute Type: Address
The address of the caregiver.

Address FieldAddress Field

Address Field


Attribute Type: Locale
The locale in which the caregiver practices.

Locale FieldLocale Field

Locale Field

Owner Organization

Attribute type: Entity
The organization which the caregiver is servicing.

Owner Organization FieldOwner Organization Field

Owner Organization Field


Attribute Type: Boolean
If false, the Caregiver is not allowed to log in.

Creation Time

Attribute Type: Date Time
The time and date when the caregiver's record was created.

Last Modified Time

Attribute Type: Date Time
The time and date when the caregiver's record was most recently modified.

Step 4 - Add General Field

If your users need more attributes to keep about the caregiver, scroll to the bottom of the General attributes list and:

  1. Click + Add General Field.
Add Regular FieldAdd Regular Field

Add Regular Field

  1. Click Please choose a name and enter a name for the new field.
Choosing a Field NameChoosing a Field Name

Choosing a Field Name

  1. Click the Choose Type dropdown and select the attribute type from the list (see Attribute Types for a full list of types and their parameters).
Choose Attribute TypeChoose Attribute Type

Choose Attribute Type

  1. Complete the remaining parameters for the Attribute Type.
  2. For fields that you require your users to fill, select Required.

Step 5 - Finish Template

When you have finished adding fields, click Create. The template is created, and you return to the template list.



You can click Cancel at any time to discard the template and return to the templates list.

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