Linking Entities (Assigning a Caregiver to a Patient)

You can link two entities in the Edit Details pane of the entity page. As an example, we will give below an explanation of linking a caregiver to a patient. However, the same principle applies to other entity pairs, such as patient and device (linked through the device page), or any other two entities that you want to link to one another.

Step 1 - Access the Patient Page

  1. Login to the BioT Organization Portal.
  2. Select the patient to edit and click Expand.

Step 2 - Access the Edit Details Pane

Click Edit Details in the Patient page.

Step 3 - Assign the Caregiver (Link the Entities)

Click on the Caregiver dropdown (or whichever entity you want to link) and select the caregiver you want to assign to the patient from the list.

The dropdown list also includes a search box functionality, allowing you to enter the first few letters of the caregiver's name to limit the number of displayed results.

Step 4 - Save Changes

Click Save Changes to save the caregiver and return to the Patient page.



You can click Cancel at any time to discard the changes and return to the Patient's page.