Organization Template

An Organization in the BioT system is an entity you are either selling your devices to, or who works with your devices. The Organization template allows you to define what organization type you have and configure how your organization type is presented in the system.

Every new organization you work with is associated with the same template.

The way an organization is represented is very important for the abilities you provide for each organization. BioT comes pre-installed with the first organization – your organization, and you can create as many organizations as you want, to represent your clients, distributors, etc. However, all the organizations use the same basic Organization Template.

As with other templates, the organization template comes with built-in attributes (pre-configured attributes) as well as providing you the ability to add any number of attributes you want or disregard built-in ones.
For additional information on the different attribute types, see Attribute Types.

Built in Attributes for the Organization Templates

FieldDescriptionField TypeRequired (R)/ Optional (O)
NameA name to be assigned to every new organization.LabelR
DescriptionA short description to be entered for a new organization.ParagraphO
HeadquartersLocation of HQ.AddressO
PhonePhone numberPhoneO
Time zoneTime zone of the organization operations.Date TimeO
Primary AdministratorReference to a user of the organization who serves as your contact point and regarded as the account owner.EntityO
Creation timeTime the organization was created.Date timeO
Last modified timeLast time modifications to the organization definitions where made.Date timeO

Customizable Organization Attributes

ActionDescriptionField Type
Add NameThe new name of the custom field to be added.Label
Assign FormatThe type of value format this field should hold.Label
Single Select
Multi Select
Date Time
Set DEV nameThe name in the JSON message format that corresponds with this field.N/A
Assign mandatoryIndicates whether the field is required or not.Flag

For more information on the Organization Template, see Editing the Organization Template.