Patient Template

The patient template allows you to define how a patient should be represented in the system. The patient template is very important as it defines the observations (e.g., biomarker measurements) available for the patient. The BioT platform allows the assignment of multiple observations to a single patient. These observations may be received from several different devices or entered manually by a physician.

The Patient template is comprised of the following major parts:

  1. General fields – Allow you to define the patient attributes.
  2. Observation fields – Allow you to define the type of observations the system should keep for a patient.

Both template parts are fully customizable, allow you to add attributes as well as observations, and adhere to the no-code approach as any other template.

For additional information on the different field types, see Attribute Types.

Built in Attributes for General Fields

FieldDescriptionField TypeRequired (R) / Optional (O)
NamePatient name.LabelR
DescriptionA short description to be entered for a new patient.ParagraphO
EmailEmail address of the patient.EmailR
CaregiverThe caregiver associated with the patient.EntityR
Date of birthDate of birth for the patient.Date timeR
PhonePatient’s phone number.PhoneO
Additional PhoneAdditional phone number.PhoneO
National IDUnique id of the patient in the system (If you're in the US you may rename this field to be Social security number).LabelR
Owner organizationReference to the owner organization managing the patient.EntityR
Creation timeTime the patient was created.Date timeO
Last modified timeLast time modifications to the patient definitions where done.Date timeO
EnabledWhether the patient is enabled (active) or disabled (can't login).BooleanO
GenderGenderSingle selectO
AddressPatient’s address.AddressO

Customizable Patient Attributes

ActionDescriptionField Type
Add NameThe new name of the custom field to be added.Label
Assign FormatThe type of value format this field should hold.Label
Single Select
Multi Select
Date Time
Set DEV nameThe name of the field in the JSON message format that corresponds with this field in BioT APIs.N/A
Assign mandatoryIndicates whether the field is required or not.N/A
Set value rangeFor integer or decimal observations it is possible to define the value ranges of what is technically acceptable by the system, and what is the normal range of the values for this type of observation.Min value and max value
Set unitIt is possible to define for any numeric attribute what is the unit that should be used (for example Fahrenheit or Celsius).Label
Assign PHIIndicates whether the field carries personal health information.Flag

For more information on the Patient Template, see Editing the Patient Template.