Customizing Organization Portal Layouts

All of the components in the BioT Portals can be configured to display the fields and views that you want to see, in whatever order you want, using the Portal Builder tab in the BioT Console.

Step 1 - Select the Portal Builder Tab

  1. Login to the BioT Console.
  2. Select the Portal Builder tab.

Step 2 - Select the Portal to Edit

Select the Organization Portal from the portal dropdown menu.

Step 3 - Select the Component to Modify

From the Select View/Component dropdown, select the component you want to modify. In this article we use modification of the Patient List component as an example.



The Select View/Component dropdown contains a search box that you can use to narrow the list of available components and views.

The items listed in the dropdown are shown in the form of [entity type]-[template name]-[name of view] (for example, Patient-Patient-Preview), or for lists such as the Patient List, [entity type]-[template name] (for example, Patient-List).

Step 4 - Select the Fields

Select which attribute fields to show in the selected component, using the scrolled list of checkboxes on the left side of the page.



The image above shows the attributes available for the Device Add-Edit-Expand component for each of the tabs found in the device template.
Different template types have different attribute types available to select in the portal builder (corresponding to the different tabs available in each template type).
For details of the attributes available for each template type, see Adding a Device Template, Editing the Patient Template, Adding a Caregiver Template, Adding an Organization User Template, and Editing the Organization Template.

Step 5 - Reorder the Fields

Reorder the attributes as you want to see them in the selected component view. Click and vertically drag the fields in the scrolled pane on the right side of the page.

Step 6 - Save Changes

Once you are happy with the order of the fields, click Save to save your changes.

After saving your changes, you can return to the Organization Portal and refresh the browser page to see the changes.



At any time you can click Cancel to revert to the existing order and attributes.