Organization User Template

The Organization User templates allow you to configure the attributes that need to be defined for users. This is later used in almost every aspect of user management, from auditing and logging, to attribute based access control, and permissions. Note that caregivers (healthcare practitioners usually) are not considered Organization users and have their own template.

BioT comes pre-installed with these Organization User templates

  1. Organization Admin - Used for users who are allowed to perform anything in the scope of their organization.
  2. Organization Operator - A user without administrative permissions.
  3. Manufacturer Admin - For use by you, the manufacturer, to control the entire system.
  4. Manufacturer Operator - A user without administrative permissions.
  5. BioT Support - For use by BioT technical support personnel when called to assist.

For additional information on the different attribute types, see Attribute Types.

Built-in Attributes

FieldDescriptionField TypeRequired (R)/ Optional (O)
Owner organizationA reference to the organization the user is associated with.EntityO
NameA name to be assigned to every new device.LabelR
EmailEmail address of the user.EmailR
PhonePhone number of the user.PhoneO
GenderGenderSingle selectO
Creation timeTime the user was created.Date timeO
Last modified timeLast time modifications to the user definitions where done.Date timeO
Date of birthUser's date of birth.Date timeO
AddressUser’s address.AddressO
EnabledWhether the user is enabled (active) or disabled (blocked).BooleanO

Customizable Organization User Attributes

ActionDescriptionField Type
Add NameThe new name of the custom field to be added.Label
Assign FormatThe type of value format this field should hold.Label
Single Select
Multi Select
Date Time
Set DEV nameThe name that corresponds with this field when interacting with BioT's APIs and sending JSON.N/A
Assign mandatoryIndicates whether the field is required or not.Flag

For more information on Organization User Templates, see Adding an Organization User Template.