Going Forward

During the regular lifetime of your application BioT will reach and contact you in 2 situations:

  • Scheduled Platform Updates
  • Urgent and Critical Updates

Scheduled Platform Updates

BioT periodically releases platform updates that include new features, updates to existing ones, bug fixes and security enhancements. You will receive an email notification about these updates with release notes stating what is included in the update. Our customer success department will schedule with you when each of your environments is updated. Once the update is complete you will get a notification.

Urgent and Critical Updates

In some rare cases we might find out that in one of the code libraries that we use, or even in our code, there is a critical bug or a security vulnerability that needs to be fixed immediately and cannot wait to be fixed as part of the regular release schedule. In other cases, accounts or critical data might be breached and become corrupted.

If that happens, you will be immediately notified about the incident with a recommendation of the best way to mitigate it. Once agreed upon, BioT will take immediate steps to implement the solution for the problem and will update you once this is done.