Sending Measurements via HTTP API

While the preferred method for sending measurements to BioT is by using the lightweight MQTT protocol, BioT also allows to post measurements via HTTP API.

Using this API you'll be able to send individual measurements or if you have many measurements in high frequency or if you prefer to send messages in bulk, please read more about how to send measurements in waveform.

You can send a single measurement via this API or multiple measurements at once via this API.

To send measurements via API make a post request:
With the following request body:

timestampthe timestamp Tf the measurementISO 8601
deviceIdThe unique device IDString
patientIdThe unique patient IDUUID
sessionIdThe session ID that the measurements belong to.
To obtain a session ID see "Start a Session".

The data will be saved into the measurements DB.


Sending live data

Please note that data sent to BioT in this manner cannot be monitored via the patient live observation window. This limitation stems from the fact that only MQTT data is monitored by the observation window.
The historical view is not affected.


Sending historical measurements

In some cases historical measurements shall be uploaded by the device. Historical measurements are defined as measurements that their timestamp is older than 1 day from the current timestamp This can happen, for example, when the device that was offline for a while, uploads it's locally save measurement to the cloud.

In this case it will take up to 6 hours for the data to be added to the database and be searchable from the historical view.

If you need to send measurements older then a single day that need to be logged in immediately, please contact us and we will update the platform to fit your exact needs.