Backup & Restore

BioT empowers you to safeguard your entire platform with comprehensive backup and restore capabilities. This means you can create full system backups before upgrades, important milestones, or any potentially risky changes. In the event of a critical issue, you can swiftly restore your platform to any previously saved backup, minimizing downtime and data loss.

What is backed up?

You can rest assured that the following critical components are safely backed u

  • Your database: This includes all platform data, configurations, and user information.
  • Your measurements: All sensor data and collected readings are securely stored.
  • Deployed plugins: Customization's and extensions are preserved for seamless restoration.
  • Current platform services: The active service configuration at the backup point is captured.

Who can back up?

The backup can be done by any user who holds "Manufacturer Administrator" permissions


Make an API request to:


With the following body:

    "name": "Backup before upgrade",
    "description": "This is a backup of our system created before deploying the new version to production."

The backup process will begin and you would get a response immediately about the operation state.



The time it takes to backup your platform may vary, depending on the amount of data your platform holds.


To restore a backed up version, please contact our support team, and provide the name and timestamp of the backup.



Please be aware that restoring from a backup is a permanent action. It will replace all currently existing data with the data included in the chosen backup. Once restored, the previous data cannot be recovered.

List Backups / Restores

Explore these APIs to list, retrieve, and manage your platform backups and restorations.

Backup list


Restore list