Plugins are a way for you to integrate your own code into the system without the need to develop expertise in cloud, security or any other supporting technologies.

It allows you to change existing flows or add additional logic on top of existing flows in the system, so BioT is highly customizable platform.

A plugin can be developed in any development language, e.g. Python, C#, Node.js, etc.
A plugin can be deployed on another cloud account or on BioT cloud account.

Deploying a plugin in the BioT cloud integrates it seamlessly into the platform and it becomes a native part of the PaaS and enjoy all the security and cloud operations of the platform.
Once deployed in the BioT environment, plugins are implemented by creating a Lambda function around your code.
Your code is then executed in a high availability computing environment without the need to provision servers, and provides all the administrative services around your code. This removes the need to manage administrative items such as scaling, code monitoring, etc.

Plugins allow you to hook into any flow in the system including:

  1. Observation flows – ingress and egress.
  2. Authentication and authorization flows.
  3. Raw data flows.
  4. Device managements flows.
  5. Data exports / data integration with external systems.

Few examples:

  1. Run your own algorithm when a session ends and save the results in BioT.
  2. Deny minors to signup the system.
  3. Integrate with external system, i.e. when a session ends, send its data to the 3rd party system.