Sending Measurements

A session is a collection of observations, i.e. all observations are sent to the cloud as part of a session.
It can last 0 seconds (e.g. spot) or many days (continuous).


The main use cases to start a session are:

  • The device starts monitoring on its own - It can be done by clicking a button on the device or the device triggers monitoring, e.g. detects a patient and start monitoring automatically.
  • Remotely - A caregiver decides to start a session, from a website/mobile app.
    In that case, the device will receive a message to start monitoring.

Device Usage Type

A Usage Type is the device's intended use from the perspective of BioT. It is defined in the device template in the BioT console. If your device supports remote control - i.e. remote activation of its intended use - such activation can be triggered from the Organization portal.

A Usage Session is a single activation of the Usage Type.