Deployment Options

Deployment of a BioT account can be done in one of two ways:

  • BioT Cloud
  • Self-Hosted

BioT Cloud

In this solution, your account is fully hosted in BioT’s cloud. Hosting costs are paid to BioT and BioT is responsible for the maintenance and backup of this account.

This kind of deployment is BioT’s default because it enables your account to be managed by BioT's centralized monitoring tools.


This kind of deployment is relevant especially if you have external constraints by your customers who require dedicated cloud accounts.

In this situation, BioT will deploy the BioT account and its sub-environments on a cloud account provided by you. The cloud account must be dedicated to BioT in order to be fully managed and monitored (if you already use the cloud for other purposes it’s quite easy to set up a consolidated billing cloud accounts tree).

Whichever solution you choose, BioT will deploy the account and support it for as long as needed.

Multiple Environments

In some cases, you may find it beneficial or necessary to have an additional environment to work with, other than just the default environments that BioT creates for you. Whether this is a production environment or an integration environment we will verify the purpose and details of the new environment with you, and duplicate an existing one or deploy a new one in the account of your choosing. Once this is done we will verify that it's running smoothly and let you know it is ready.