Editing a Device Template

BioT comes preinstalled with the Device Type 1 template. . Its purpose is to allow you to teach BioT what type of information you would like to keep about your Device. You can customize it for your needs by adding, changing, or removing attributes. Follow the procedure below to edit Device Type 1 or any other Device template. For more information about Device templates, see Device Template in the product description.

Step 1 - Select the Template

From the Templates list in the BioT ConsoleBioT Console - The BioT Console is the portal you use as a device manufacturer, to configure the entire BioT PaaS to your needs., find the template in the list and select it.

Template PreviewTemplate Preview

Template Preview

Step 2 - Expand the Template

On the preview pane, press Expand.

Expand TemplateExpand Template

Expand Template

The Overview tab of the Edit Device Template page is displayed.

At the top of the overview tab, you can choose the tab in which you want to make changes. The different tabs include Overview, General Fields, Status Fields, and Configuration Fields.
For details of the different fields in each of these tabs, see Step 3 and Step 5 of Adding a Device Template.

Step 3 - Make Changes

Select the tab in which you want to make changes, and add or remove fields as described in Step 4 of Adding a Device Template.

Step 4 - Save Changes

Once you finish making changes to the template, click Save Changes.
You are returned to the template portal page.



You can click Cancel at any time to discard the changes and return to the templates list.

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