The system provides several sets of APIs allowing an integrator to fully automate any workflow across the system as well as fully integrate the system capabilities into their own environment and fully customize any aspect of the look and feel as well as build their own workflows across the system.

The API is comprised of several key areas:

Southbound APIs (Device API)

This API allows the platform to communicate with a device for the purpose of end to end operations of the device both for medical purpose as well as ongoing provisioning, operations and management of the device. The API has two underlying protocols - HTTPS, for device-initiated requests to BioT (e.g., download new firmware), and MQTT, for cloud-initiated requests (e.g., new firmware notification), as well as for lightweight device transmissions (e.g., continuous monitoring heart rate or ECG waveform). The API can be accessed directly, or through SDKs - an MQTT SDK and an auto-generated REST API SDK. With SDKs there is no need for the manufacturer to understand communications or connectivity concerns – the SDK provides it automatically. The only thing the manufacturer needs to understand is their own data model and configure the system to use it. The API is JSON based for any structured data (receiving medical observations, send and receive statuses, sending commands, etc.) and can be configured (via the cloud platform with a no-code interface) to meet your data model. The API also allows for non-structured data communication such as file transfers via the HTTPS REST API.

Northbound APIs

These are a set of RESTful APIs that expose all system capabilities and allow you to build any type of customized workflow around the system such as:

  • Build mobile applications for your patient and other users.
  • Build your own portals (for the manufacturer as well as for organizations you manage).
  • Automate device creation and provisioning process.
  • Export raw or aggregated data from the system for external analysis.
  • Export reports / insights.
  • Integrate with eco-systems.

All Northbound APIs adhere to the strictest security mechanisms and require authentication and authorization. The BioT API also allows you to use the BioT permission and access control mechanism by your severs so you do not need to build your own access control for your portals and can use the users defined in the BioT system permissions when invoking an API call.

Plugin APIs

These APIs allow you to hook into every flow in the system and incorporate your own code into the data flow. For example, hook into the raw data flow that collects imaging from the device, incorporate your own image processing algorithms on the data, create an observation insight out of it, and feed it back to the platform as observation indicators. Further explanation on plugins is found in the plugin chapter.
For full documentation of the APIs as well as integration guides and examples, please refer to the User API Guide and the Device Integration Guide .