Generic Entity Template

The Generic Entity template lets you create any additional data entity that you would need on top of the built-in data entities and link those entities to the other entities in a manner that represents the functional linkage between them. For example, you can create an entity of medical expertise and link both hospital departments and clinicians to this expertise or you can create an entity of a file that can be linked to the device template.

The use of the Generic Entity template allows different Generic Entity types to be created when the standard templates (Device, Organization, Caregiver, Patient, Organization User) cannot fulfil that need (for example, non adherence, device alert, hospital department, device group, etc.). Defining attributes within Generic Entities enables the system to be taught what attributes and capabilities are required for each Generic Entity type.

As with other templates, the Generic Entity template comes with built-in attributes (pre-configured attributes) as well as providing you the ability to add any number of attributes you want.

For additional information on the different field types, see Attribute Types

Built in Attributes for General Fields

FieldDescriptionField TypeRequired (R) / Optional (O)
Creation timeTime the Generic Entity was created in the system (this can represent any time you want).Date TimeO
Last modified timeTime of last change done to the Generic Entity (time it was last edited).Date TimeO
NameA name to be assigned to every Generic Entity.LabelR
Owner OrganizationA reference to the Organization the Generic Entity is associated with.EntityR

For more information on Generic Entity Templates, see Adding a Generic Entity Template.