Solution Architecture

Solution Design

We’re sure that building the next breakthrough medical device is your expertise. We are here to help you get it connected to the cloud and deliver a remote care and monitoring experience to your users as fast as possible.

When you sign up with BioT you can opt to get professional services support. The support you can expect from us includes but is not limited to:

  • Documentation of best practices on how to design a BioT based solution.
  • Operating cost expected from cloud usage.
  • Access to sample applications for your reference (mobile app, device gateway, and more).

Going to Low Code

While BioT strives to create a technological platform that will cover all of your medical device needs, we do understand that one size fits most, and the no-code approach has its limits.

In cases where you feel that your needs are not fully covered by the no-code capabilities, we will help you achieve your goals by granting you access to our low-code interface. If you have the ability to develop the missing pieces on your own we can help by training your developers in low level technical sessions where we explain how to best use our APIs and build custom logic (backend or frontend) on top of them.

If you need help with software development we will be happy to match you with one of our system integrator partners.