Activating a Usage Type (Using the Remote Controller)

When a caregiver wants to activate or pause a usage type of a device, they can do so using the Remote Controller. This is useful for clinic and hospital situations when a device is temporarily physically connected to a patient for the purpose of examining or treating them.



The remote control activates the different usage types. Before remote controlling a device, you must first ensure that it has the necessary usage types configured. For more information, see Adding a Device Template

Activating Remote Control

  1. Login to the BioT Organization Portal and select the patient to whom you connected the device.
  2. Select the Observations tab from the Patient page.
  3. On the Observations tab, select Remote Controller on the top right side of the page.
  1. From the Select Device dropdown on the remote control panel that appears, select the device to remotely control.
  1. From the Select Usage Session dropdown, select which type of device usage to remotely control.
  1. To begin the remote control session, click the green Activate button at the top right of the remote control panel.

  1. If you need to pause the device monitoring for any reason during remote control, click the Pause button.
  2. When you finish with the remote control session, press the square Stop button.