Multipart File Download

In addition to Multipart File Upload, BioT allows for a Multipart File Download.

There are a couple of reasons why you might use a multipart file download:

  • Downloading large files faster: By splitting the file into smaller chunks and downloading them simultaneously, you can potentially improve download speeds. This is because you can leverage multiple connections to the server, rather than being limited to a single one.
  • Resuming interrupted downloads: Multipart downloads allow you to pause and resume downloads without having to start over from the beginning. This can be useful for unreliable connections or if you need to stop the download for some reason.

Downloading a part of a file

To download a part of a file you need to specify the byte range that you would like to download.
Note that it is your responsibility to later concatenate all the parts together into a single file.
Specifying the byte range is explained here, but generally all that needs to be done is to pass the Range header in the download request.

For example the following request header:

Range: bytes=0-1023

Is requesting the first 1024 bytes.