Portal Builder

The Portal BuilderPortal Builder - The Portal Builder enables you to customize look, feel and functionality of the operational portals to your needs. within the BioT ConsoleBioT Console - The BioT Console is the portal you use as a device manufacturer, to configure the entire BioT PaaS to your needs. allows you to create portals for use by the organizations that use your devices (such as hospitals, clinics, remote care providers, etc.) as well as create the portal you will use as the system owner for your internal needs.

Manufacturer Portal Builder

The Manufacturer Portal builder is a no code design tool that allows you to create the portal you will be using for your internal needs.

When designing a Manufacturer Portal, you have access to all the data in the system and can aggregate data from several organizations. This, of course, depends on the permission rights you have, whether you are entitled to access the organization data, and what data you are entitled to access. More information about permission and access rights is found in the attribute-based access control page.

For more information on how to use the Portal Builder to design the Manufacturer Portal please refer to Configuring the Manufacturer Portal Layouts.

Organization Portal Builder

The Organization Portal builder is a similar concept to the Manufacturer Portal builder and allows you to customize a portal to be used by the different organizations that are using your devices.

The Organization Portal builder provides the same level of flexibility as the Manufacturer Portal builder, but the two portals are defined separately and can have a completely different look and feel. Although building the portals is very similar, the data that an organization will be able to see is only data that belongs to that organization (data related only to that organization's devices, users, patients, caregivers, etc.). As always, even within an organization, data is subjected to permissions and access control for each individual user.

For more information about using the Organization Portal builder please see Customizing Organization Portal Layouts.

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