Plugin Configurations

Plugins in BioT enable you to customize the data that flows into and out of the platform.

The Plugin Configurations page in the BioT console shows you existing plugins and how they are configured.

To see a plugin's configuration, select it from the list on the page.

The plugin configuration appears in the right hand pane of the screen.

The information provided in the configuration includes the following:

NameThe plugin's unique name in the BioT system
Display NameThe plugin's display name.
VersionThe version of the plugin being used.
Endpoint URLThe URL of the endpoint on the service where it is hosted.
LinkA link to the plugin endpoint.
InterceptionsIf the plugin is an interceptor plugin, the interceptions are listed here.
NotificationsIf the plugin is a notification plugin, the notifications it generates are listed here.
Last Modified TimeThe last time the plugin was modified.
Creation TimeThe date and time when the plugin was created.
Environment VariablesThe parameters that the plugin uses.

For more information about plugins, including how to add a new plugin, see BioT Plugins.

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