API Common Flows Samples

BioT offers a Postman workspace with API examples and common flows to help you get started quickly and dive into the development process.

You can access the workspace from here

How to use

In order to run the APIs with your BioT Deployment, you need to fork the environment and the required Postman collection(s).

Follow the below steps:

From BioT public workspace

  1. Fork "BioT Example" environment
  1. Fork the required collection(s)

On your workspace

  • Select the forked environment to be active
  • Update the environment "current" column with your values



You can pull recent changes from BioT workspace by clicking "pull changes"
If you want to keep being updated with collection/environment changes, then create a monitor on the collection, so you will receive an email, in-app notification when it changes.

Postman Documentation

To learn how to use postman to send requests and analyze responses see:

Building requests