Managing Organization Users in BioT

This article shows how you can add and manage Organization Users.

Organization User Templates

The BioT Platform comes preinstalled with five Organization User templates which can create the following user types:

  • BioT Support - BioT Support users allow BioT to provide help to the manufacturer.
  • Manufacturer Admin - Manufacturer Admin users are the top level administrators of the BioT platform.
  • Manufacturer Operator - Manufacturer Operator users can add, view, edit and delete Organization Users and Devices.
  • Organization Admin - Organization Admin users can add, view, edit and delete Caregivers and Patients of their own Organization. They can also view, edit and delete Devices.
  • Organization Operator - Organization Operator users can add, view, edit and delete Caregivers and Patients. They can also view and edit devices of their Organization.

Customizing Organization User Templates

Before adding new Organization users, you should edit the templates for the five preinstalled template types to customize them to your needs. If you require BioT to save different data points for different Manufacturer employees, you might want to use the console to create different Organization User templates, such as a Technician template, for example. For more information, see Editing Organization User Templates.

After customizing the Organization User templates, the Organization's Organization Admin can: