Technical Evaluation

Features and Capabilities of the BioT Platform

The BioT documentation site includes a product overview of the platform.
Further questions about the product capabilities as well as requests for demo and pricing can be answered by our sales department. The best way to reach us is through the contact form on our website.

Free Evaluation

If you would like to evaluate the BioT platform, just click the Sign Up button on the BioT web site to set up a sandbox account. You will then be able to download our device simulation mobile app to quickly inject data to your sandbox. If you have the technical ability to connect a device, feel free to do it: the BioT documentation site includes our Device Integration Guide for devices that connect directly to the cloud, and a Gateway Integration Guide for when using a gateway app (through a mobile phone or dedicated hardware).

During this time you’ll be able to connect your medical device and see initial benefits that the BioT platform offers you.

Guided Evaluation and POC

We are eager to expedite your decision process and would love to set up a POC or guided evaluation process. The POC success criteria and timeframe will be discussed with our solution architects who will verify our platform can serve as basis for your solution.

If you need it, developer training is also available, where our architects provide low level technical sessions to your team and explain how to best use our API’s and integrate your medical device with BioT.