Managing Devices in BioT

The following articles show you how to manage devices using the BioT platform. Before managing individual devices, the administrator should:

Once these steps have been done, the Manufacturer admin can:

The Manufacturer must also integrate the BioT API with the medical device software. This may be done using BioT's Software Development Kit (SDK).

After this, Manufacturer Operators can assign devices to specific Organizations from the Manufacturer portal.

Additionally, Organization users can:



Device measurements in BioT can only be viewed in the context of a patient. It is not possible to view measurements directly from a device page.
Once patients are added, there are two ways to view measurements:

  1. Link a device to a patient and go to the Observations view (see Viewing Live Measurements).
  2. Go to the Observations view of a patient, and use the Remote Controller to select a device and activate a Device Usage (see Remote Controlling a Device).