BioT Plugins

What are BioT Plugins?

While the BioT platform is generic and a lot of no-code customization can be done using the console, some projects will need to customize the data that flows into and out of the platform. For example, to auto-generate a unique ID for a patient just before it is saved to the database, to calculate the age of a patient just before it is displayed on screen, or even to send an SMS alert to a caregiver.
All of these and much more can be done using plugins.

There are 2 types of plugins:

  1. Notification Plugins. These plugins are called when a predefined event occurs in BioT. The plugin will be executed, but BioT will not monitor the result.
  2. Interceptor Plugins. These plugins can be called either before or after an API call and let the plugin modify the call request or response. At the moment they are used internally by BioT. If you feel they can benefit you, please contact customer support to gain access to them.