Customer Environments

During the development cycle, BioT offers different environments that are rolled out according the different development stages. Each platform has its own purpose and will be created in coordination with you.

Development Environment

The development environment is the first environment created and supplied by BioT.
As it's name suggests it is used for development, integration and testing of the device connectivity and plugins integration. This environment should only be used for development purposes and it's processing power is limited to 100 medical devices.

Staging Environment

A staging environment is an intermediate environment used to stage changes before they are deployed to production. This environment is "cleaner" than the development environment and is also used to reproduce problems detected in the production environment without the risk of "dirtying" or harming it.

BioT recommends to use such an environment and execute all the pre-production tests on such an environment.

Before deploying to production BioT will create the staging environment. Once deployment is complete, BioT will test the environment and inform you that it is ready for your testing.

Production Environment

A production environment it the final stage of the solution development, and marks the release of the platform for commercial purposes.

It is designed to be more robust and offers some features that are not available in the other environments

BioT understands that production deployment is a critical stage in your development path. Deployment to production is performed by BioT after scheduling an agreed upon time frame. Production deployment is done in a cloud account dedicated specifically and only to your production solution.

Comparison Table

The following table is a comparison of the main differences between the 3 environments

Web Application Firewall (WAF)NoNoYes
High AvailabilityNoNoYes
Infrastructure MonitoringNoNoYes
Processing powerUp to 100 devicesScalableScalable
Backup1 Week1 Week1 Month
HIPAA ComplianceNoNoYes
Disaster RecoveryNoNoYes
Custom DomainYesYesYes
SLAStandardStandardAccording to license